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Vol.11 英検1級 英作文問題 模擬1 社会

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TOPIC : Women's social advancement leads to economic growth.

These days, more and more women outside the home. I strongly believe that women's social advancement leads to economic growth.
Society spends a great deal of money on educating and training women. Unfortunately, though, in the past, even highly educated women tended to drop out of the workforce. This represents a great waste of resources. The more women work, the more they provide a return on this investment.
Another reason that women's advancement leads to economic growth is that it increases the financial independence of women. This independence encourages consumption, resulting in the development of new industries, such as spa businesses that cater to women.
The main obstacle to women's social advancement has been the very conservative business culture that can be seen even in some developed countries like Japan. Women tend to be less competitive and more cooperative than men. As more women enter the workplace, the business culture is being changed. Many women employees are finding new business opportunities that have remained invisible to men up until now.
As society become post-industrial, the kinds of talents and skills that women can provide are becoming more important for economic growth.









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