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Vol.8 英検1級 英作文問題 13題 UNIT8 政治

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Agree or disagree : Electronic voting should be promoted.

As the internet has spread, it has started to be used for voting. I think that electronic voting should be promoted.
The first point to consider is the generation gap in voting. These days, fewer and fewer people don't go to voting places. So, most of participants in voting is elderly people. It is also important to have young generation's opinion for governor countries. Young people get used to use the internet. Consequently, electric voting will
encourage young people to take part in voting.
Another point is the voting rate in general. It takes long time to vote in the current voting system, for example,we should go to voting places and line up to vote. We usually have a lot of things to do. As a result, electric voting will help people easily to vote.
My final argument against electric voting is making easy to count the votes. In conventional polling, the votes need to be counted by hand and to be checked in the same way. This takes a great deal of time and energy. The system change would be more efficient.
In sum, for all these reasons, electric voting should be promoted.











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