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Agree or disagree : Food shortages will be eliminated in the future.

Today, many people, especially, in many developing countries, suffer from food shortages. I agree, however, that food shortages will be eliminated in the future for below three reasons.
First of all, in many developed countries, people waste a lot of food. For example, some of them don't finish there dishes, and grocery stores therow away their marchandizes just after the expiration date. These people need to change their mind for those who cannot eat enough.
Thanks to recent developments in biotechnology, many new genetically modified crops have been developed. These are often disease-resistant and more productive. As a result, crop production is likely to grow.
Finally, since many countries are developing, one development associated with industrialization is the increasing efficiency of food production. As the population moves into cities for work, the farms left behind become more efficient.
For these reasons, I think that food shortages will be eliminated in the future. Nevertheless, we must think of others who are lack of foods and try to develop research in biotechnology.












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