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TOPIC : Does technology have a positive effect on environmental conservation ?

Technology goes not always have a positive effect on environmental conservation., but it can and should do so in the future.
One good example of this is the problem of deforestation. The recent rapid development of IT technology is fast making the traditional need for paper disappear. E-mail, for example, is rendering traditional mail obsolete. As a thirst for paper is one of the biggest causes of deforestation, a decline in its use will make it far easier to save the world's rain forests.
Technology can also help the environment by developing renewable
sources of energy. Solar power and wind power are being developed quickly today, and they are already helping to reduce the need to use fossil fuels.
The final point is that technology can help us to preserve biodiversity in a number of ways. One is that better computing allows us to record and me sure biodiversity. Furthermore, advances in biotechnology will allow human beings to preserve or even bring back species.
For all these reasons, technology can have a positive effect on conservation. Although technology has caused environmental problems in the past, in the future, it will allow us to solve those same problem








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