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TOPIC : Do the benefits of designation as a World Heritage Site outweigh the disadvantages ?

I believe that being designated as a World Heritage Site is an excellent way to preserve important sites foe future generations. While being designated may have some negative side effects, the good far outweighs the bad.
Sites of great natural or historic value are an important part of a country's tradition. They can often become symbols of the country and increase the national pride among citizens if they are given World Heritage status. When tourists see beauty in these sites, locals often view them with new respect.
Becoming a World Heritage Site also brings important economic benefits. In many countries, governments struggle to pay for the preservation of historical monuments. Increases in tourism bring money and jobs, which in turn provide local governments with money to improve and protect the sites.
It is true that an increase in tourism can cause many problems for local communities. Some tourists litter, which can damage heritage sites. Additionally, the increased automobile traffic can cause air pollution problems. However, the fact of being listed increases the amount of environmental protection a community may receive.
In conclusion, for local communities, to have their cultural and natural treasures designated as World Heritage Sites is an important step for those places for generations to come.








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