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TOPIC : Should more be done to protect against natural disaster ?

Before a natural disaster occurs, people usually feel that such a thing will never happen to them. Looking back on disasters such as the Tohoku Earthquake, I firmly believe that we should have done more to protect ourselves against such possibilities.
The most important thing is to increase research funding so that scientists can become better at predicting and warning about natural disasters. Although,prediction is not easy, we should be able to get better at guessing when an earthquake or tsunami will occur after more research.
In this connection, more cooperation between industry and academia is essential. When flooding occurs, for example, the secondary damage caused by pollution from factories can affect a wide range of people. Academic researchers should consider these dangers share their knowledge with companies involved in potentially dangerous activities.
Finally, the importance of early warning of imminent disasters so as to allow evacuation of populations has become more and more clear. If early warning can be provided of an approaching tsunami or typhoon, this would save many lives.
For these reasons, more should be done to protect people from natural disasters. Recent experience tells us that although natural disasters cannot be completely avoided, far more can be done to protect people against their consequences.














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