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Agree or disagree : Outsourcing contributes to the sustained development of the global economy.

Although outsourcing is often unpopular because of its short-term effects, it is actually beneficial for the world economy.
Outsourcing is a natural result of the gap between labor costs in one country and another. In this sense, outsourcing production or services to another country where they can be performed more cheaply is just another example of the efficient use of labor. Eventually, the labor that has been freed up by outsourcing will move to find work that is more profitable.
Outsourcing is also good for the global economy because it usually involves training the cheaper workforce in other countries to perform new tasks. For instance, millions of workers in China and India have acquired state-of-the art technology skills thanks to outsourcing.
Finally, outsourcing can be a form of technology transfer. When large companies build factories in developing countries, of course, they take their own advanced technology to use there. In time, local companies will begin to produce similar technology themselves, thus contributing to the development of their own economies.
For these reasons, outsourcing contributes to the development of the global economy. Moreover, as developing countries grow, they too will begin to outsource to even chipper countries, thus continuing the development even further.














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