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Vol.7 英検1級 英作文問題 13題 UNIT7 国際



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TOPIC : Will the world become more peaceful in the future ?

My opinion is that the world will definitely not become more peaceful in the future following the below three reasons.
The major reason for this is the continuing growth of the population, in particular in the developing countries. Now that population all over the world grows, resources such as water and land will be scarce. Because of the short supply of basic things, conflicts will more and more increase.
Another reason is that multinational companies monoply the world market, and they hire employees for little pay. As result, the gap between the rich and the poor will be bigger. This will create unstable social conditions where civil wars, rebellions and other kinds of conflict become more common.
Finally, acts of terrorism especially against wealthy countries are likely to increase. These countries take revenge against terrorists. It will never finish.
For these reasons, it is hard to be optimistic about peace in the future. To solve these problems, we should take mesures to gap between the poor and the rich and help people each other.

















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