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Agree or disagree : Governments should spend more money on research in the field of regeneration medicine.

Nowadays, we hear more and more about the new field of regenerative medicine. For the below three reasons, governments should spend more money on research in the field of regeneration medicine.
One reason is that this field offers the promise of cures for many kinds of deceases which at present are incurable. For those suffering from these deceases and their families, this kind of research offers great hope.
Another is that the field promises to solve many of the moral issues bound up with the present system of organ transplants. Regenerative medicine involves growing organs from stem cells in laboratories. If this become possible, the present need for donors would disappear. In particular, difficult decisions about when to declare a potential donor dead would not arise.
At present, regenerative medicine receives relatively little research funding from the government. However, without funding, the field is unlikely to realize its potential.
For all these reasons, I believe that it is very important that governments make a decision to spend more money on regenerative medical research.















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