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TOPIC : Does the world need to promote the use of renewable energy ?

The need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels has become clearer and clearer. In my view, the world need to promote the use of renewable energy for the below three reasons.
At present, except in special circumstances, most renewable energy sources cost more than conventional fossil fuels or nuclear power. However, appropriate measures should be taken to replace the fossil fuel and nuclear power to renewable energy. It would help to avoid the thread of global warming.
The government should promote the use of renewable energy, because reserves of natural resources such as oil and coal will eventually ran out. In addition, the ever more extreme forms of mining and drilling being employed to get at scarce reserves of oil and gas are also doing great harm to the natural environment.
Finally, It would be better to invest more money for renewable energy, because the more governments invest, the chipper renewables will become. Once prices start falling, industry will naturally switch ti these more environmentally friendly forms of energy.
For these reasons, the world need to promote the use of renewable energy.




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