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Agree or dis agree : Future generations will become more dependent on robots.

Robots has developed dramatically over the past few years. I think that future generations will become more dependent on robots.
The first point concerns the efficiency of using robots, robots can replace human beings doing simple works such as cashier, waitress, and even working at office. Good thing is that robots can work accurate than human beings and employer don't have to pay monthly salary. On the other hand, robots are expensive and high maintenance.
Another point against robots is that robots make up for labor shortage. As human beings come to live longer, robots will be more important than now.
Finally, since many companies try to develop robots industry, we will be able to buy robots much chipper. The price is important to easily buy, and it will bring a lot of money for companies.
For these reasons, future generations will come to depend heavily on robots. This, however, will lead to a better quality of life as people are freed from tedious or dangerous works.













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