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Vol.2 英検分野別ターゲット英検1級英作文問題 Unit 1 社会



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Unit 1 社会
Does increasing longevity have a beneficial effect on society ?

 During 20th century, the longevity of human beings drastically improved. Although it can be a good thing for individuals, it cannot be said to have a beneficial effect on society.
 First of all, as the birthrate in many developed countries is decreasing, younger people should pay much more taxes for increasing elderly people. As a result, pensions system is nearing bankrupt.
 Second of all, if people live longer, health care costs will be expensive. And then, society will have to take responcibility for the care. Also, caretaking is required for young generations.
 Finally, owing to the number of elder people, our quality of life will declin. Because younger people must put a great strain on taxes. 
 In conclusion, increasing longevity cannot be said to have a positive impact on society. However, we should nevertheless make every effort to ensure that senior citizens have as good a life as possible.














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